Superlatives for The Sun

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Accepting whatever life suggests me is definitely easier than making my own plans –
but accepting these (sometimes preposterous) suggestions,
means no complaining –
and that's definitely out of the question.

I didn't originally write "Superlatives for the Sun" about life choices.
I wrote it about a person that is losing his faith.

Only halfway through my video editing I realized I want to go deeper than that, what I really wanted was to describe religion's basic form, or catalyzer – fear. But not the fear of physical danger (snakes, drowning, the world is ending etc.), but the fear to be.
Maybe it's the fear to live without a safety net.

But I don't need a scary shark to go trembling in a dark corner. I AM the stupid shark. I'm creating this fear all by myself.
E tu?

If you've seen my music video above, you've probably noticed this text, floating around inside dark windows:

Blame the past for the future
and you determine your future to be
the one in which
you become a coward.

Basically, every person decides which future he wants for himself.
Even if I didn't believe we are just a tiny part of a multiverse (but I do! Well, till it'll be overpowered by a better theory, anyway), I'd still have endless options for a future. And here's something funny - my future is here, and it's happening right now. Not even later on – literally now – less than a millisecond after (or during?) the so called "present".

Here's a thought – a word that comes out of my mouth immediately turns into "a word I've said". I've said it just now – but it's still in past tense. So when does the present happen?
Is my present less than a millisecond long?
Oh, dear mysterious existence.

I have to read a little more on the subject, or I'll lose it completely.

Just a few seconds ago I've (past tense! past tense! ooh, I'm hysterical) read this:

Einstein wrote in his book Relativity (1952):
"Since there exists in this four dimensional structure [space-time] no longer any sections which represent "now" objectively, the concepts of happening and becoming are indeed not completely suspended, but yet complicated. It appears therefore more natural to think of physical reality as a four dimensional existence, instead of, as hitherto, the evolution of a three dimensional existence."


So why "Superlatives for The Sun"?
Because I adore the sun, it amazes me. It's one of the basic reminders to the fact that I'm alive, and I should not take that for granted and make silly excuses to justify my lack of actions due to my irrational fears.

Note to self:
When you'll be 70 years old you won't care about your lame excuses,
you'll kick yourself anyway.

– Almost FIN –

I hope you liked the song & the video. If you did, please tell me. It'll make me really happy.
Blessings upon you all,

P.S of final thoughts:

  1. I'm a scared little rat, eating cheese in a mysterious maze
  2. I'm bored with the cheese -
  3. & I hate the maze -
  4. I should stop eating & look for a way out.

– FIN, FIN. –


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