It's raining artists

Joe Sola jumps through windows

Two men are having a conversation.

One of them is an artist. The other is an Art gallery curator, or maybe an Art collector, or something in between.

The situation is firmly defined: the artist needs the collector.
The artist is trying to convince the collector to take him in, to take the chance on him. He talks for a few minutes about his Art work, and then he suddenly gets up and jumps out the window.

The artist lands on a pile of soft boxes, he's fine – and the collector is, obviously, shocked. He's done it about 22 times, in front of other shocked collectors / Art curators.

The performance Art, a relatively new notion which I usually find a bit tedious, has raised its cheeky head and shoved itself in my face. I guess I haven't seen the right performers yet. I've been vain and unaccepting. For that little performance Joe Sola has done about 22 times is actually refreshingly funny.

I like it.

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